12/12 Philippe Clauss from INRIA-CAMUS visits us for the week.

12/12 PhD Student Camilo Bruno from IMRIA-Rmod visits us for 3 weeks.

11/12 National Institute of Informatics from Japan visits us to attend the first NII-UBA workshop.

11/12  Sebastian Uchitel  is invited to be on the ASE 2013 Program Committee at  Palo Alto.

10/12 Sebastian Uchitel is invited to be on the ESEC/FSE 2013 Program Committee at Saint Petersburg, Russia.

10/12 Diego Garbervetsky visits IMDEA, Spain.

10/12 Diego Garbervetsky visits INRIA-CAMUS at Strasbourg, France.

10/12 Diego Garbervetsky visits INRIA-Rmod at Lille, France.

9/12 Grant awarded by ANPCYT: PPL “Centro para la Automatización en Ingeniería de Software”, Drs. Sebastián Uchitel, Víctor Braberman and Diego Garbervetsky.

9/12 CSRD Journal paper: Sebastian Uchitel, et. al, Supporting incremental behaviour model elaboration. 

9/12 Sebastian Uchitel gives keynote at 11th International Workshop on Foundations of Coordination Languages and Self Adaptation, Newcastle, 2012

9/12 Sebastian Uchitel gives invited talk at NII Shonan Meeting on Engineering Autonomic Systems.

9/12 TSE paper accepted: German Sibay, Victor Braberman, Jeff Kramer, and Sebastian Uchitel. Synthesising modal transition systems from triggered scenarios.

8/12 Nicolás D'Ippolito presents at FM2012 in Paris: The modal transition system control problem.

8/12  German Sibay presents at FM2012 in Paris:  Distribution of modal transition systems. 

8/12 Diego Garbervetsky assists to Google's Faculty Summit in Mountain View, California, USA.

7/12 David Rosenblum visits us for the week.

7/12 Sebastian Uchitel gives invited talk at Pragma Consultores, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

7/12 SPE paper accepted: Guido de Caso, Diego Garbervetsky, Daniel Gorin. Integrated Program Verification Tools in Education.

7/12 Grant awarded by UBACYT: “Especificación y análisis cuantitativo del uso de la memoria dinámica con foco en la escalabilidad y usabilidad”, Dr. Diego Garbervetsky.

6/12 Victor Braberman is appointed Coordinator of the Informatics and Communications Committee, Argentine National Science Agency.

6/12 Diego Garbervetsky visits IMDEA Software, Spain.

6/12 Grant awarded by ANPCYT: “Síntesis de Controladores para la Ingeniería de Software”, Dr. Sebastián Uchitel.

5/12 Sebastian Uchitel presents at ICSE 2012 in Zurich: Generating obstacle conditions for requirements completeness.

5/12 Diego Garbervetsky co-chairs TOPI 2012, a satellite workshop at ICSE 2012 in Zurich.

5/12 FM paper accepted: Nicolás D'Ippolito, Victor Braberman, Nir Piterman, and Sebastián Uchitel. The modal transition system control problem. 

5/12 FM paper accepted: German Sibay, Victor Braberman, Jeff Kramer, and Sebastian Uchitel. Distribution of modal transition systems. 

5/12 Dario Fischbein successfully  defended his PhD thesis.

5/12 TOSEM paper accepted: Guido de Caso, Víctor A. Braberman, Diego Garbervetsky, and Sebasti ´an Uchitel. Enabledness-based program abstractions for behaviour validation.

4/12 TSE paper accepted: Dalal Alrajeh, Jeff Kramer, Alessandra Russo, and Sebastián Uchitel. Elaborating requirements using model checking and inductive learning.

4/12 Diego Garbervetsky gives an invited talk about quantitative memory analysis at BYTECODE'12 in ETAPS'12 in Tallinn, Estonia.

3/12 Dalal Alrajeh presents at ETAPS-FASE in Tallinn:  Learning from vacuously satisfiable scenario-based specifications.

2/12 Book chapter accepted: Maria T. Higuera-Toledano, Sergio Yovine, Diego Garbervetsky. Region-Based Memory Management: An Evaluation of Its Support in RTSJ . 

2/12 Book chapter accepted: Guido de Caso, Victor Braberman, Diego Garbervetsky, and Sebastian Uchitel. Abstractions for validation in action. 

1/12 TOSEM paper accepted: Nicolas D'Ippolito, Victor Braberman, Nir Piterman, and Sebastian Uchitel. Synthesising non- anomalous event-based controllers for liveness goals. 

1/12 Sebastian Uchitel is invited to be on the ICSE 2013 Program Committee, San Francisco, USA.