Guido Chari

Lic. Guido Martín Chari

Phd. Student @ LaFHIS, DC, FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires


Guido Chari

I am a teaching Assistant at the Computer Science Department, School of Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. I am also a Phd. Student at LaFHIS: The Tools and Foundations for Software Engineering Lab since 2012. The Phd. project is in closed collaboration with the RMod team from INRIA, Lille, France.

My reasearch topic is based on reflection and dynamic language code transformations (particularly Smalltalk code) and the interaction of high-level models with low-level behavior. For instance my research direction now is on reflective virtual machines. I also worked with Operating Systems. My master thesis was a contribution to the SqueakNOS project and i'm still involved and interested on it.