Edgardo Zoppi

Lic. Edgardo Zoppi

Phd. Student @ LaFHIS, DC, FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires


Edgardo Zoppi

I am a teaching Assistant at the Computer Science Department, School of Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. I am also a Phd. Student at LaFHIS: The Tools and Foundations for Software Engineering Lab since 2013. I have an scholarship from CONICET: National Scientific and Technical Research Council. My advisor is Diego Garbervetsky.

Email: ezoppi (at) dc . uba . ar

Research Interests

  • Development environments and tools
  • Compiler technology
  • Programming paradigms
  • Programming languages design and implementation
  • Program analysis
  • Type systems
  • Model checking
  • Contract validation
  • Code specification and verification



  • Contractor.NET: A .NET version of Contractor, a validation and specification strengthening tool that takes a software contract or an API source code and generates a finite abstract representation useful for its validation.
  • Consume.NET: A .NET version of JConsume, a compositional analysis for inferring heap memory consumption in Java-like programs.


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