Fernán Martinelli

Lic. Fernán Martinelli

Phd. Student @ LaFHIS, DC, FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires


Fernán Martinelli

I am a Phd. Student at LaFHIS: The Tools and Foundations for Software Engineering Lab since 2014. My research interests are in the broad area of Software Engineering and more specifically in modeling and analysis as a means to gain confidence in requirements, design and code artifacts. In particular using Static and Dynamic Program Analysis.

I'm working now on refinements of enabledness-preserving abstractions for semantic program comparison or semantic program equivalence. This means, generating statically from source code and requires it's protocol behavior model and comparing them for detecting semantic differences between different versions. 

Future work will be apply this semantic diff tool to regression testing, regression verification and differential program repair.

I will be grateful to receive future possible collaboration offers. 

Contact Information E-Mail: fmartinelli@dc.uba.ar

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