Guido de Caso


Guido de Caso

In 2013 I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science in the Software Engineering research area under the supervision of Sebastián Uchitel and Víctor Braberman, with the collaboration of Diego Garbervetsky.

In 2010 I was awarded a Microsoft Research Fellowship, and later that year I was intern for three months in that institute mentored by Nikolaj Bjorner. In 2011 I returned to Microsoft Research for a second internship with Yuri Gurevich.

I'm head teaching assistant in the area of Software Engineering at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

As of September 2012, I am a Principal Software Engineer at Medallia.


Research interests

My research interests are mainly focused towards the formal aspects of software engineering. In particular I'm working (or have recently worked) in contract validation, software verification, program analysis, programming languages design, type theory and model checking.

I'm a member of the local Reading Group of Program Analysis and Verification.


I am (or have been) involved in the following research projects:

Professional Activities

  • Member of the ESEC/FSE 2011 Artifact Evaluation Comittee
  • Additional reviewer in the following conferences: ICSE 2010, FTfJP 2009, ISSTA 2009, ICSE 2009, ICSE 2007
  • Student volunteer in the following conferences: ICSE 2011, ICSE 2010, ICSE 2009


Book chapters

Refereed publications in conferences and journals

Refereed publications in workshops

Other publications

  • Blass, de Caso, Gurevich
    An Introduction to DKAL
    Microsoft Research technical report, 2012
  • Bjorner, de Caso, Gurevich
    From Primal Infon Logic with Individual Variables to Datalog
    Microsoft Research technical report, 2011
  • de Caso, Braberman, Garbervetsky, Uchitel
    Contractor for Code Validation
    Universidad de Buenos Aires technical report, 2010
  • de Caso, Garbervetsky, Gorín
    Pest Formal Specification (v1.0)
    Universidad de Buenos Aires technical report, 2008
  • de Caso (tutored by Garbervetsky and Gorín)
    Higher-level Constructs as Annotations for Automatic Software Verification
    Master thesis (in spanish), Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 4th, 2007
  • de Caso (advised by Braberman and Uchitel)
    Enabledness-based Abstract Behaviour Models
    Ph.D. thesis, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 22nd, 2014



Curriculum Vitae

Feel free to download my CV in both English and Spanish versions.
(Last modified on February 22nd, 2013)



I'm a teaching assistant in charge of practical sessions in a Software Engineering course.


In February 2011, together with Diego Garbervetsky, we were in charge of a 5-day program analysis course in Rio Cuarto, Argentina.

I've previously been involved in teaching assistant possitions in Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Paradigms, Algorithms and Data Structures, and Logic and Computability courses.

Contact Information


I am part of the local LUG.

If you wish, you may also contact me through Facebook, Google+ or Mendeley.

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