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Rodrigo Castaño

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Rodrigo Castaño

I am a Computer Science PhD student at University of Buenos Aires and I have developed a strong interest in research in the past few years.

I earned some experience in C++ programming, version control systems and collaborative work by taking part in several open source projects related to research in bioinformatics. I volunteered for FuDePAN, the organization behind most of these projects, for more than two years.

Aside from that, I enjoy classical music and play the violin on a regular basis. I used to play tennis fairly well and I still play every once in a while. I am also a very impatient, and not quite good, fly fisherman, but the landscapes of Patagonia can soothe the beasts.

My Curriculum Vitae as of March 30, 2014. pdf.


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Research Interests

I have worked on different translations of the propositional satisfiability problem (SAT) to equivalent formal languages' problems. We have seen some very interesting results in terms of performance using Finite State Automata and grammar representations of the problem.

I worked as a C++ developer with a research group working on bioinformatics. I would be interested on further working on these topics.

As part of my PhD I work combining static analysis techniques and probabilistic models.

I have also had the chance to work on Machine Learning topics during one of my internships, more specifically on probabilistic graphical models.


Full papers

  • J.M. Castaño, R. Castaño, A finite state intersection approach to propositional satisfiability, Theoretical Computer Science (2012), In print. pdf
  • "Variable and Clause Ordering in an FSA Approach to Propositional Satisfiability", J. M. Castaño, R. Castaño, 16th International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata (CIAA­2011). pdf
  • "Propositional satisfiability (SAT) as a language problem", J. M. Castaño, R. Castaño, Workshop Aspectos Teóricos de Ciencias de la Computación, XVII Congreso Argentino de Ciencias de la Computación, 2011. pdf


  • Rodrigo Castaño, Juan Pablo Galeotti, Diego Garbervetsky, Jonathan Tapicer, Edgardo Zoppi , "On Verifying Resource Contracts using Code Contracts" , Proceedings First Latin American Workshop on Formal Methods, page 1-15 - 2014 pdf


  • "Backbones Generator (Bbgen2)" H. Arregui, R. Castaño, L. Lauría, R. Garabato, E. Fernández, M. Villarreal, D. Gutson. 2do Congreso Argentino de Bioinformática, May 11­-13, 2011
  • "Generation of a complete repository of protein backbones", R. Castaño, L. Lauría, G. Biset, R. Garabato, D. Gutson, M. Villarreal. 1er Congreso Argentino de Bioinformática, May 12­-14, 2010