Agustín Martinez Suñé

Agustín Martinez Suñé, M. Sc.

PhD. Student @ LaFHISDCFCEyNUniversidad de Buenos Aires


I obtained a Master's degree in Computer Science at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2017. I'm currently pursuing my PhD under the supervision of Carlos Lopez Pombo. My main research topic is the development of formal languages, analysis methods, and tools to automatically reason about Quality of Service attributes in the context of Distributed Systems, more specifically, in the context of a Service-Oriented Architecture.

Contact Information e-mail: aemartinez at dc dot uba dot ar

Phd. Advisor: Carlos Gustavo Lopez Pombo

Counselor: Juan Pablo Galeotti



  • Agustín E. Martinez SuñéFormal Quality of Service analysis in the Service Selection problemInternational Conference on Service Oriented Computing - PhD Symposium (ICSOC 2020). (link to paper)
  • Agustín E. Martinez Suñé. Formalization and analysis of quantitative attributes of distributed systems. International Conference on Software Engineering - Doctoral Symposium (ICSE DS '2020), IEEE/ACM 2020.
  • Agustín E. Martinez Suñé, Carlos G. López Pombo: Quality of Service Ranking by Quantifying Partial Compliance of Requirements. Coordination Models and Languages - COORDINATION 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 12134, Springer 2020. (link to paper) (video presentation)
  • Agustín E. Martinez Suñé, Carlos G. López Pombo: Automatic Quality-of-Service Evaluation in Service-Oriented Computing. Coordination Models and Languages - 21st IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, COORDINATION 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11533, Springer 2019. (link to paper)


  • QosChecker-polyranker: Given a qos-provision contract and a qos-requirement contract this tool estimates a coverage value that can be use to rank the service qos-compliance among other services.


I've been doing teaching at the university since I enrolled as a master's student. I love it. Currently, I'm Chief Teaching Assistant at the Computer Science DepartmentSchool of SciencesUniversity of Buenos Aireswhere I teach the second course on Algorithms and Data Structures.

Other interests

When I have some spare time (if that happens at all) I like to do public communication of scienceHere is a pop-sci article I once wrote about cryptography and computational complexity. And here is a small YouTube channel where I discuss science-related topics. All of this is in Spanish.