Fernando Schapachnik

Fernando Schapachnik


Fernando Schapachnik

This is a brief summary. Will expand if time permits. Email: fernando AT schapachnik DoT com DoT ar,  but beware of my anti-spam filter. You will have to reply to his challenge to reach me. Sorry for the burden, but I receive too much spam.

Dale Aceptar

Engaging youngsters in CS: "Dale Aceptar" project at Fundación Sadosky.



Research interests

FormaLex: using Software Engineering methods and tools to find "bugs" in legal norms. Distributed Timed Model Checking, Formal Methods. Tools and Foundations for Software Engineering Lab at UBA.

Former Projects

Zeus: A Distributed Model Checker for Timed Automata. VInTiMe: Verifier of INtegrated TImed ModEls. JScoper: An Eclipse plug-in for Supporting Research on Scoping and Instrumentation for RT Java Apps.


See here for most of them.


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