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Dr. Juan Pablo Galeotti

I am a professor at University of Buenos Aires (UBA). I am also a researcher at CONICET and a member of LIA-INFINIS laboratory.

My main research interests are Automatic Test Generation, Specification Inference and Program Verification. I am also very fond of decision procedures such as SMT and SAT.

Email: J [LASTNAME] aT dc DoT uba DoT ar 


  • We are hiring! Please contact me for PhD and Post-doc opportunities.


My PhD Thesis: Software Verification using Alloy, advisor: Marcelo Fabian Frias (ITBA) 


Program Committees

Journal Reviewer (Verified Reviews at Publons)

Organizing Committees


Generación Automática de Casos de Tests (Automatic Test Case Generation) @ UBA


Undergraduate Students (simil to MSc thesis)


PhD Students:

  • Alfredo Sanzo (Assitant Director)
  • Ivan Arcuschin
  • Javier Godoy

Master Students:

  • Agustina Aldasoro 
  • Martin Page
  • Axel Mandonni
  • Laura Muiño

Previous students (link to their thesis):

  • 2020:  Ignacio Lebrero
  • 2017:  Nicolas Calderini, Pablo Antonio, Ignacio Pulice and Nicolás Ravasi
  • 2015: Nikolas Havrikov (co-advisor Matthias Hoeschelle), Sebastian Kappler, Elias Hartz (co-advisor A. Gorla), K. Salvesen (co-advisor F. Gross)
  • 2013: Alexander Kampmann (co-advisor A. Zeller) 
  • 2012: Daniel Ciolek (co-adivsor M. Frias), Marcos Chicote (co-advisor D. Garbervetsky)
  • 2011: Bruno Cuervo Parino (co-advisor D. Garbervetsky)
  • 2010: Brian Cardiff (co-advisor M. Frias), Gabriel Gasser Noblia & Diego P. Dobniewski, Esteban Lanzarotti (co-advisor S. Mera), Pablo Bendersky (co-advisor D. Garbervetsky), 


Automatic Test Case Generation:

  • EvoSuite: Automatic Test Suite Generation for Java using Genetic Algorithms.
  • XMLMate: Search-based input generation for XML applications.
  • EvoMaster: REST API Test generation

Automatic Program Verification:

  • DynaMate: Automating Full Functional Verification of Programs with Loops.
  • TACO: Bounded Program Verification of Java Programs using SAT-Solving.

Resource Inference:

  • Resource Contracts.NET: An extenstion of Code Contracts to specify and verify memory consumption constraints in .NET programs.



Currently (selection):

  • Vice-Head of CONICET-PIP project "Mejorando la verificación acotada usando técnicas de análisis dataflow y demostradores módulo teorías" (2012-2014).
  • Co-Director of UBA-UBACyT project "Especificación y análisis cuantitativo del uso de la memoria dinámica con foco en la escalabilidad y usabilidad" (2012-2105).
  • Member of project ANCyT-PICT-2013-2341 “Análisis cuantitativo de recursos en lenguajes orientados a objetos” (2014-2016)

Previously (selection):


  • Tel/Fax: (+54) (11) 5285-7437
  • Email: J [LASTNAME] aT dc DoT uba DoT ar 
  • Address: Oficina 13 - Pabellón I - Ciudad Universitaria - CP 1428 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

If you wish, you may also contact me through Facebook or Twitter.