Natalia Rodríguez

Natalia Andrea Rodríguez

Phd. Student @ LaFHIS, DC, FCEyN, University of Buenos Aires


Natalia Rodríguez

I am a Phd. Student at LaFHIS: The Tools and Foundations for Software Engineering Lab since 2014. My advisor is Nicolás D'Ippolito.

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My research topic is focused towards the fundamentals of game theory applied to controller synthesis techniques for probabilistic environments. I am currently working on stochastic games with GR(1) objectives. During the internship I have done at National Institute of Informatics (Tokyo, Japan), I started working in the field of requirements engineering. I am currently studying the way to automatically construct a full operational model based on high level goals specifications and applying controller synthesis techniques.

   Main interests: Automata theory, game solving, probabilistic models, μ-calculus, formal methods and synthesis.


I've been teaching at University of Buenos Aires from 2007 to 2013 in the following courses:

Undergraduate Students

  • Ivan Pasquini