Sebastian Uchitel


My research interests are in the broad area of Automated Software Engineering. I focus on foundational aspects that can be exploited in tools for supporting automated reasoning, tools for which a body of meta-properties proven mathematically and experimentally exist. Currently, my main research threads are related to discrete event controller synthesis applied to robotics and adaptive systems, code abstractions for validation and testing, and program slicing

My daughter's take on my research.


There are various sources from where my publications can be listed: dblp, Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search.

Much of the research I am involved feeds into and is validated by tools we build:

  • MTSA supports partial behaviour model specification and analysis and also implements various controller synthesis techniques
  • Contractor supports automated abstraction of contract specifications and code (in C and .Net).
  • Other tools are not so well packaged but are available via my students and collaborators.

Professional Societies

  • Senior Member of the Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • Distinguished Scientist of the Association for Computing Machinery
  • Member of the IFIP Working Group 2.9. on Software Requirements Engineering

Recent Awards and Honours

  • Bernardo Houssay Prize, Ministry of Science, 2015
  • Konex Foundation Awards, 2013
  • Software Engineering Foundation Award, Microsoft Research, 2010
  • Argentine National Academy of Exact, Natural and Physical Sciences, 2008
  • IBM Faculty Award, 2006
  • Philip Leverhulme Prize, Leverhulme Trust, 2005
  • Newly Appointed Lecturers Award, Nuffield Foundation, 2004

Current External Activities

Past External Activities

PhD Students and Postdocs